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Yet Another Zombie Survivors (PC): Early Access Review

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is an upcoming auto-shooter game from the aptly named Awesome Games Studio. Taking the basics of a recent hit game, Awesome Games Studio has added heaps of flair, vastly improved graphics, and a squad-based angle that works really well within the game’s ethos.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors Takes a Leaf from Vampire Survivors

Of course, the hit game in question is the 8-bit ridiculously addictive masterpiece, Vampire Survivors. However, Yet Another Zombie Survivors has left the retro splendor behind in favor of shiny modern graphics and a far more complex RPG element. The result carries with it the same off-the-scale addictiveness, while also holding appeal for those that thought Vampire Survivors to be a little too retro for their tastes.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors Gameplay

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is an auto-shooter. As the name suggests, this means that your character is always shooting, with no input required. Using only the arrow keys (or WASD) for movement, your task is to survive wave after wave of zombie hordes.

As you obliterate the undead, coins are dropped which you automatically pick up as you walk over them. These coins serve as XP and allow you to level up. Leveling up will always give the player a choice of three power-ups or abilities to help them along the way. The more you wreck carnage on the walking corpses, the more powerful you become but beware as the zombie hordes follow suit.

The beauty of such games, Yet Another Zombie Survivors definitely included, is the pick-up-and-play approach that the game offers. Each new game sees you starting back at the beginning, with no XP and only your starting weapons. There’s no saving in Yet Another Zombie Survivors and the real beauty is the fact that you don’t even need to save; just pick it up again and carry on.

This is perhaps a large part of the reason auto-shooter games are so darned addictive. With each turn only averaging at around 30 minutes, there’s always that inner voice encouraging ‘Just one more go’. Yet Another Zombie Survivors will reel you in and absorb hours of your time and you will love every minute of it.

The RPG Element of Yet Another Zombie Survivors

Your squad’s growth and progression in Yet Another Zombie Survivors are shaped by your very own decisions as you journey through the game. With a wide range of perks and support skills to chase, or the option to focus on enhancing your favorite character’s gear and unlocking their ultimate abilities, the evolution of your squad is entirely in your hands.

Whether you choose to control a lone SWAT soldier, ready to face the hordes alone, or assemble a formidable team of mercenaries armed with an eclectic arsenal of weapons such as katanas, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers (to name but a few), the choice is entirely yours. Explore different playstyles, experiment with various character load-outs, and adapt your tactics based on the unique strengths and abilities of your chosen squad members.

As you progress and make strategic decisions, your squad members become more proficient, gaining new skills and abilities that can turn the tide in their favor. You have the freedom to tailor their development to suit your playstyle and preferred approach, making each playthrough a unique and personalized experience.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors – Summary

As huge fans of Vampire Survivors, we took to Yet Another Zombie Survivors like the proverbial ducks to water. There are many elements of the game that are designed to reel you in and keep you playing, glorious game after glorious game and it’s this addictive quality that makes games of this ilk stand out and become iconic titles.

If you liked Vampire Survivors, Yet Another Zombie Survivors will blow your mind.

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