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The BEST 15 Single-Pak linking games on Gameboy Advance – 4 players, 1 cartridge (best multi-boot)

Out of the 1,500+ games released for the Gameboy Advance, just over 100 of them featured a Single-Pak Link multiplayer mode.

The Single-Pak Link mode, sometimes referred to as the Multi-boot feature, means that 2-4 players can play a multiplayer game by only needing 1 copy of the game. Each game’s Single-Pak link mode needed to be specifically programmed to take advantage of the tiny amount of RAM inside the GBA hardware. Developers often needed to get creative to make these 1-cart link modes fit. In comparison, the Multi-Pak Link mode means that each player is required to have their own copy of the game.

I think these are 15 of the BEST SINGLE-PAK LINKABLE games on GBA. If there is a reason to go through the hassle of connecting link cables and sitting 1 foot away from your friend(s), these games are it!

Want to learn more? I made a video about EVERY Gameboy Advance game that features this unique and underappreciated feature. All GBA 1-cart linkable games are covered in the Playlist linked below.

-Complete GBA Single-Pak (multiboot) Playlist

-Also, I am covering original GB and GBC multiplayer link cable games here, ENABLE THE LINK CABLE

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