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Soldner: Secret Wars

After half a century of military interventions major countries like the United States of America or Russia are weary of their role as “World Police”. The consequences of their military actions for their economy, national security, and internal ethnic conflicts led to the conclusion to tone down their military campaigns. Due to that, more and more countries choose unconventional warfare by using secret Special Forces. Military success is no longer made by major countries but by small and highly specialized mercenary forces. In “SOLDNER – Secret Wars” the player takes over the command of such a Special Forces team.

* Simulation of a highly complex diplomatic system which creates the dynamic campaign and missions

* Dynamic World Generation on the basis of digital satellite data with day/night cycle, weather and seasons

* Realistic virtual battlefield: the advanced terrain engine with the new destruction system (ADS – Advanced Destruction System), which even allows for simulated damage by tactical nuclear warheads

* Designed for Teamplay in Multiplayer: multitude team mission types and game elements for coordinated team action

* Dedicated Server support up to 32 players, up to 128 players on special servers of game providers

* Dynamic single player campaign with mission generator

* Realistic weapon systems from the research laboratories of the weapon industry.

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