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Scream VI (movie) Review

Scream VI is the direct sequel to 2022’s reboot of the iconic slasher saga. Garnering over $45,000,000 in opening weekend box office sales and netting a gross of over $170 million, the sixth installment has been officially heralded as the most successful Scream movie to date.

With the original director, Wes Craven, having sadly passed away in 2005, the franchise saw a rebooting of the original story. Now helmed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the story now focuses its attention on sister duo, Sam (Melissa Barrera, All the World is Sleeping) and Tara (Jenny Ortega, Wednesday) Carpenter. Survivors of the 2022 movie, the sisters are once again pitted against Ghostface.

Scream VI Remains True to the Franchise

Despite the reboot, the Scream franchise remains true to its roots. Having never been afraid to poke fun at itself, the saga continues to deliver all of the usual horror cliches that lend the movies their running theme of laying out the patterns that slasher flicks tend to closely adhere to.

Where the original movies (the first two) had horror movie buff, Randy Meeks to explain to his friends – and, in turn, the viewer – how Ghostface mimics slasher horror tropes, Scream VI has his well-meaning niece, Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown, The A-List) to fill the role of the token horror enthusiast. In one of many nods to the first Scream movie, we see Mindy theorizing on likely suspects in their peer group and explaining why. The scene is a nice touch that throws us right back to 1996 and the first movie to get the ball rolling, Scream.

Scream VI is a Bloodbath

While slasher movies can’t play on the psychological torment seen in supernatural horror, they do tend to deliver on the gore front and Scream VI isn’t one to break the mold. With two brutal stabbings within the first few minutes (even before the opening credits roll), the latest franchise addition sets the tone very early on and keeps the pedal to the metal right until the closing minutes. The result is just over two hours of gratuitous bloodshed and mayhem, what more could we ask?

Scream VI Will Keep You Guessing

Throughout the years we have heard the audible gasps of fellow cinema-goers as the Scream movies have delivered twist after twist. It’s the clever writing that delivers hints about the killer’s identity in one scene, only to cast doubt over any seeds of suspicion in the next that gives the movies that certain edge that keeps the viewers on their toes, and indeed, in the cinema queues.

After over 25 years, Scream VI still delivers the same brand of mystery that bewitched us all way back in ’96. It’s not very often that iconic horror franchises stand up to the test of time (yes, we’re looking at you Halloween), and we’re delighted at how kind the years have been on one of the world’s most famous horror brands.

Scream VI Summary

From bucket loads of blood and ample terror to suspense and captivating mystery, Scream VI has it in abundance. The 2022 reboot gave the franchise a new lease of life and on fresh legs it strongly marches on. With fresh faces in the cast and equally fresh ideas from Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett, Scream has avoided the risk of becoming stale and stagnant and instead opens up its doors for a new generation to enjoy.

In true practiced fashion, Scream VI ends with the chance of another release hanging in the air. We wait with bated breath and crossed fingers to once again see Ghostface returning to our screens.

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