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NightCaster II: Equinox

This fast-moving, multiplayer fantasy game features intense spellcasting adventure and melee combat. Take on the role of Arran or Madelyn as you wage a ferocious war against the creatures of the Night.

* Unique dual analog control system allows a player to simultaneously maneuver their character in one direction while accurately aiming spells in another direction.

* Over-the-top spells utilize every graphical advantage of the Xbox video game system for maximum visual impact and ferocity. Features more than 32 spells from 4 elementally opposed schools of magic: Fire & Water, Dark & Light.

* Players can choose to embark on their adventure as Madelyn, the warrior, or Arran, her husband and the hero of Nightcaster I.

* Earn style rewards by combining spell and melee skills to defeat your enemies in interesting and creative ways.

* Battle more than 35 types of goblins, trolls, dragons and other enemies, each with their own characteristics and attacks.

* Multiplayer allows 2 players to work cooperatively on the same screen and intensifies gameplay with new items and areas to explore.

* Lush environments with dynamic lighting, specular highlighting and bump mapping bring the world of Nightcaster to life.

* Interactive music score dynamically changes the tempo and intensity of the theme based on events in the world.

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