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New GBA game Goodboy Galaxy pushed back to March 2023 release – will feature Rumble Pak support

Goodboy Galaxy, which is currently in development for Game Boy Advance, has been pushed back to a March, 2023 release date to give the team more time to make the game that matches up to their vision.

Goodboy Galaxy was announced in celebration of the GBA’s 20th anniversary last year, and managed to turn many heads during its successful Kickstarter Campaign, thanks to its celebrated Demo Chapter, and for being one of the first commercial games for the popular handheld in years. It is a Metroidvania with a cute cast of characters, bright animations and slick puzzles.

Rik from the Goodboy Galaxy team notes in the team’s most recent Kickstarter Update: “we really want to make the game match up to our vision rather than cut content and rush things out .”.

“We’ve now planned out every single week left of development. I don’t believe you can plan this rigidly in early stages of development or else you don’t have a lot of room for creativity and discovery, but we’re now at a stage where we can. It’s jam packed, but kind of comforting!”

The Goodboy Galaxy team are keen to have the game at a very polished state when the game goes into production. Rik explains: “One tough part about making a GBA game, is we can’t really fix, update or add things once the cartridges are produced.”.

At the current development state of around 60% completion, most of the mechanics and graphics of the game have been implemented. The largest part of the remaining work will be related to level design of the various planets in the Goodboy Galaxy universe.

Furthermore, an exciting technical feat could be realized, which only 7 games in the original GBA library made use of: The Rumble Feature of the Game Boy Player for Nintendo Gamecube!

The game will join the likes of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Pokémon Pinball and Drill Dozer in the members-only club of rumbling GBA games.

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