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Medal of Honor Allied Assault

Set during the most trying years of the war, 1942-1945, Medal of Honor Allied Assault gives players a sense of the courage it took to survive the landings at Normandy, the assault at Arzew, a rendezvous with the Resistance outside the village of St. Lo, and the push through the heavily defended border of Germany itself to take the bridge at Remagen.

* Over 20 levels that the player must accomplish specific objectives and goals in order to succeed and advance.

* Fully realized 3-D worlds utilizing the powerful Quake? III engine.

* Over 1000 unique character animations for unsurpassed level of realism.

* Multiple online options including team combat and traditional last man standing modes.

* Encounters with 22 different enemies including Wehrmacht Snipers, Kradsch?tzen Motorcycle Troops, and Gestapo Officers.

* Access to over 21 historically accurate World War II era weapons, including Thompson submachine guns, Mark II Frag Grenades, .50 al mounted machine guns, flame-throwers, and “sticky bombs”.

* Four different stationary weapons that the player can use against the enemy.

* All new interactive vehicles including the M4 Sherman tank and the M3 Half Track.

* More than 18 enemy vehicles including the Tiger Mark I Heavy Tank, Stuka Dive Bombers, and V2 Rockets.

* Weather and time-of-day effects.

* Assault enemy units alone and as part of a crack military squad.

* Special ‘disguise’ mode that allows players to put on enemy uniforms to evade capture.

* Highly destructible interactive environments.

* Original orchestral score by Medal of Honor composer Michael Giacchino.

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