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Kitsune Zero (PC) Review

Kitsune Zero is the fresh DLC for the game that threw political caution to the wind, Super Bernie World. This time, however, there will be no political messages or content in sight. This time around, you take on the role of a Kitsune (a fantastical fox spirit with nine tails from Japanese folklore that can take on the form of a human) named Yumi, as she battles a nefarius samuri gang to put a stop to their plans of conquest.

Kitsune Zero may seem Familiar

If there’s one thing that stands out about Kitsune Zero, it’s the game’s striking resemblance to the timelessly classic Super Mario Bros games from the days of yore. In fact, it seems the game relishes in its Mario mimicry. Shrooms have been replaced by strange, rolling heads; Pirahna Plants by Geishas; while stars and flowers make way for lucky cats and blue orbs. The similarities don’t end there; at the end of each world (every three levels) we were met with the ‘castle levels’ seen in Mario and, true to style, these always ended with a boss battle where we had to make it across a bridge and under a large Samurai where Bowser should be.

Yes, like Super Bernie World, Kitsune Zero is, for all intents and purposes, a Mario re-skin. However, is this necessarily a bad thing? The legendary Mario games follow a simple, but evidently effective, premise. With no bells and whistles, we are left with nothing but simple, wholesome fun. Just as games were, in this forgotten era. Besides, it’s not like Kitsune Zero ever hides its …ahem…inspiration.

Kitsune Zero – Voice Acting

Unlike Super Mario Bros, Kitsune Zero does play host to some talented voice actors. Despite its Japanese theme, Yumi is given an American accent, whereas the arch nemesis is given a token hybrid of Japanese and American accents. The voices themselves are clear and concise, albeit a little on the cheesy side – but hey, isn’t that the norm with games such as this? It was refreshing to hear real voices against the obscured backdrop of a true childhood favorite.

Kitsune Zero – Gameplay

With all that we have said, it won’t come as any major surprise when we say Kitsune Zero plays a lot like Super Mario Bros. However, there are noticeable differences, such as a far smoother experience and well-polished visuals. The basis remains the same; hop from platform to platform and avoid enemies and falls as you traverse the levels and progress through the game.

When all is said and done, Kitsune Zero follows an immensely successful format and remains, to this day, a massively fun but often infuriating experience. With an all-new story and visual replacements, it’s all the charm of an old classic with a modern twist in its tail.

It’s worth mentioning that Kitsune Zero is sold as DLC for Super Bernie World, but without the political jibes, it won’t alienate anyone that doesn’t agree with its message. In fact, Kitsune Zero is a separate game entirely and is a prequel to the upcoming Kitsune Tails.

Kitsune Tails – Summary

The obvious similarities to Super Mario Bros will possibly put many of our readers off from buying it. However, despite our first thoughts, we quickly realized that Kitsune Zero was a lot more than just a clone. The charming story and talented pool of voice actors work together to give a fresh new life to a proven format. Thus giving you another chance to enjoy a classic game, cast in a whole new light.

Kitsune Zero is available now on as DLC for the free Super Bernie World. Priced at just $5, you really can’t go wrong. It’s an extremely small price to pay for the fun on offer.

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