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HOW-TO GBA SINGLE-PAK LINK with an Analogue Pocket – multiplayer with only 1 cartridge

Want to play multiplayer Gameboy Advance games using only 1 cartridge with an Analogue Pocket? Then follow these simple instructions to take advantage of the Single-Pak link multiplayer mode. The Single-Pak Link mode is also referred to as the Multi-Boot mode and you just need a link cable.

Single-Pak Link = only needs one copy of the game (note* not all multiplayer games are Single-Pak compatible).
Multi-Pak Link = each player needs a copy of the game

The Analogue Pocket will connect with original Gameboy Advance hardware or other Analogue Pockets to play both Multi-Pak and Single-Pak linking games. This is also how to can activate Gamecube Connectivity too using a GC-to-GBA link cable (you’ll need to remove the clasps to get it to fit with an AP though).

Original Gameboy and Gameboy Color are only Multi-Pak linkable – no Single-Pak option with these older models because there is no RAM inside the hardware.

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