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Heaven Dust 2 now available on Switch

Indie publisher Indienova announced that Heaven Dust 2, a love letter to classic survival horror adventures, launches on Steam and Nintendo Switch today at a price of 14.99 USD | EUR. Developed by One Gruel Studio, a two-person team, Heaven Dust 2 features exploration, action, puzzles, and resource management. You wake up from a cryogenic pod deep inside a research base and find yourself trapped in a living hell, surrounded by zombies… will you be able to escape?

-Classic survival horror genre: Heavy doses of exploration, action, puzzles, and resource management.

-Enhanced production value: Highly detailed graphics and effects, providing a brand new experience for players of the first game.

-Collect and combine, use various items to solve puzzles.

-Evolved combat system: Fight your way out with a dagger, submachine gun, shotgun, and grenades.

-Choose your weapon to counter different enemies, plan your strategy, seek their weak points, and destroy their defenses. Except for ordinary zombies, all kinds of mutated monsters have joined the battle too: Heavily armored Bone Fiend, regenerating Blood Fiend, approaching Boomlad.

-Epic boss fights. Engaging plot, fun brain teasers. Players need to make an ultimate choice: Two escape routes will lead you to two different endings. Casual, Normal, and Expert difficulties for you to choose, suited to all players.

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