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As the new ER intern at Chicago’s County General Hospital, your career starts out easily enough as you treat a manageable number of patients sporting minor cuts and bruises. However, your skills are quickly put to the test as the stakes escalate into full-fledged ER emergencies. As well as taking on these medical challenges you will have to deal with hospital politics, make decisions on gut-wrenching ethical dilemmas and establish personal relationships – even romances! It takes more than medical training to climb the ranks at County General!

* Starring Noah Wyle, Mekhi Phifer, and Sherry Stringfield

* Create your doctor and train in six different fields of medicine

* Unique character management sim/roleplaying gameplay

* Increase your prestige in the hospital by successfully treating patients maintaining positive relationships and achieving your goals in each of the dramatic and sometimes humorous mission-based episodes

* Immersive gameplay features highly-detailed 3D environments and over 100 unique characters

* Utilize Perks and Special Abilities for the greater good, or just to spite your rivals! Give them as gifts or trade them with fellow staff members to build stronger relationships

* Experience a huge variety of patient disorders and group emergencies both inside and outside of the ER.


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