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EastAsiaSoft’s Summer Showcase covers many games – watch here

EastAsiaSoft shared a new “Summer Showcase” video that covers a wide variety of titles scheduled for release in 2021 across Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The format for this premier deviates slightly from the structure of previous showcases by first previewing 5 games announced for general release later this year, followed by 5 with expected release dates.

Highlights of this new showcase include the reveal of Crimson Spires for console release, Omen of Sorrow on Xbox One, more news on Softstar partner titles Empire of Angels IV and Xuan Yuan Sword 7, the next game from eastasiasoft’s ongoing partnership with Japanese developer ZOO Corporation and several other indie titles releasing digitally across multiple platforms.

Crimson SpiresComing SoonTBCSwitch / Xbox One / PS4 / PS5
Omen of SorrowComing SoonTBCXbox One
Drunken FistJuly 2021US$/€ 7.99PS5
Macrotis: A Mother’s JourneyJuly 2021TBCSwitch
Xuan Yuan Sword 7Summer 2021TBCXbox One / PS4
Paradox ErrorJune 9thUS$/€ 4.99Switch / Xbox One / PS4
Pretty Girls Klondike SolitaireJune 17thUS$/€ 5.99Switch / PS4 / PS5
Empire of Angels IVJune 23rdUS$/€ 19.99Switch / Xbox One / PS4
Mina & MichiJune 30thUS$/€ 4.99Switch / Xbox One / PS4 / PS5
Trigger WitchJuly 2021TBCSwitch / Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / PS4 / PS5
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