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DEEEER Simulator (Xbox One) Review

Essentially one giant WTF moment, DEEEER Simulator is purposely designed as pure absurdity. It offers ridiculous, nonsensical fun best played in short bursts with gameplay mechanics that never make any sense, there is no cohesion, and the player is never given any indication on what it is you should actually be doing… and the game is all the better for it.

Clearly inspired by games like Goat Simulator and even Crab Fight, players take control of a deer without any tutorial.  Simply walking around, exploring, and experimenting with the controls can yield some interesting results and eventually the player will realize what the game wants you to do – perform mindless chaos! Destroying smaller objects might reward the player with a weapon drop. After equipping a dropped pistol on your antlers, the player can now destroy larger building with a few shots which might drop additional fire power, such as grenades, which can result in more destruction. In time, a police department of sheep will attack the deer, but if the player survives, guess what, the player is rewarded with more destruction. Do this enough times and eventually an outlandish boss will appear. Take it down and move onto the next.

There is no narrative and the environment is a sandbox that gives the player a bunch of stupid things to do. Want to climb that tall building? Jump and use your grapple neck.  Want to reach the other side of the map faster? Then scuttle on your two back legs as if you are a human running a sprint.  Want some additional fire power on your side? Convert that pedestrian into a brain dead deer drone.  Just when you think the game couldn’t get any more silly, just turn the corner and you’ll be surprised.  

Like a Katamari game, everything is composed of low-poly models on purpose. Not only does this keep the file size of the game low, everything loads quickly while adding to the overall absurdity. The game is also loaded with floaty physics, plenty of jank, and a lack of polish I also think was by design, again, adding to the flavor of the experience. 

DEEEER Simulator is a purposely designed joke of a gaming experience.  Like one of those awful B-tier horror movies, you can’t help but enjoy something so bad. This game knows exactly what it is and doesn’t try to be something it is not.  Especially when played in short increments, it can easily bring a stupid smile on your dumb face.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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