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Death by Degrees

Namco extends its popular Tekken franchise by focusing on the voluptuous operative, Nina Williams, as she confronts demons from her dark past in order to carry out a perilous mission. Dispatched to investigate the whereabouts of a stolen high?tech weapon, Nina must infiltrate a shadowy organization and reveal a conspiracy on a global scale.

* Intuitive 360 degree combat engine lets Nina counter enemy threats on all sides at any time. Utilize both analog sticks to unleash a deadly flurry of attacks in any direction.

* Burst organs and shatter bone?use Nina?s on?screen ‘X-ray vision’ to target enemies? vital areas.

* Master a vast array of firearms, blade weapons?including tonfa and katana?and acrobatic, hand?to?hand combat moves for unheard-of gameplay variety.

* Thrilling stealth sequences allow you to silence enemies with chokeholds or swipe fingerprints from downed sentries to gain high?security clearance and access protected areas.

* Gripping, cinematic storyline unfolds across more than an hour of pre?rendered and in?game movies.

* Make use of Nina?s signature Tekken moves, including throws, submission holds and the lethal Evil Mist.


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