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Car Detailing Simulator coming to Switch

On July 13th, Car Detailing Simulator, a game that allows you to run a car detailing and restoration business, will be released on Nintendo Switch. The developers aimed for realism and a comprehensive take on full car restoration. Car Detailing Simulator has previously made a successful debut on PC. Later in 2023, the game will also be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Developed by the Polish studio Games Incubator, the simulator was released on PC in April 2022 and was well received by users. As of now, it enjoys 78% positive reviews on Steam (out of over 600 reviews in total). The studio that has been tasked with porting and publishing the game on the Nintendo Switch is Ultimate Games S.A.

Car Detailing Simulator focuses on single-player gameplay based on performing tasks involving car detailing, restoration, and maintenance. Available vehicles include both vintage cars and battered or simply poorly maintained rides. The player can also buy old car models and return them to their former glory or add any modifications to sell them subsequently for a higher price.

An important part of Car Detailing Simulator is garage development, which includes all kinds of upgrades and expanding your toolset. As you progress in the game by completing various tasks, you can expand your business. The developers have put emphasis on realism, which can be seen in the extensive set of specialist tools and highly specific detailing and restoration options (including washing, foaming, and paint polishing). “Car Detailing Simulator is a game with a fair dose of realism, which allows you to deal with detailing and restoration of all kinds of cars – from vintage to modern models. Car restoration has been tackled in a comprehensive way and with significant attention to detail. The game provides long hours of relaxing fun that can be enjoyed not only by car lovers,” says Rafał Jelonek, the Ultimate Games S.A. COO.

Car Detailing Simulator – main features:
 Car detailing, restoration, and maintenance
 Varied tasks
 Garage development
 Detailed car models
 Competition and rankings

The release date of Car Detailing Simulator for Nintendo Switch has been set to July 13, 2023. Later this year, the game will also be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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