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Bullet Casters is a new bullethell shooter with PvP

Studio Last Credit Games’ debut title Bullet Casters is an unconventional wave-based shoot’em up which will challenge even the most skillful fans of the genre.

Each stage is bite-sized and packed with unique monsters, each with their own intricate shooting patterns that will test both the skill and wits of the player. 

To complement the single player mode Bullet Casters also comes with its own local PvP mode where one player takes on the role as attacker trying to break down the castle gates and the other player will defend the castle by summoning an army of monsters (unlocked in the singleplayer mode). Each monster brings their own traits and modifiers that in combination with other monsters will allow the player to create their own bullet hell on the fly.

Our goal with Bullet Casters is to create a bullet hell game with the intensity and challenge you would expect from a title of the genre, but a less punishing structure. The bite-sized nature of the levels makes it easy to jump right back in the action after a defeat or to improve your evaluation. This structure also allows us to expand or alter the game easily based on the players’ suggestions, which is why we decided to release this early-access first.

The full release of Bullet Casters is estimated to release in Autumn 2023 and will contain two additional acts containing new stages, enemies, bosses, music and pursue the story set in the world of Silveris.

Depending on the player feedback for the Early Access release the full version may also include more power ups, new characters, additional game modes as well as further balancing of the EA version.

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