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Back Again (PS4) Review with stream

Back Again is weird, indie, low-cost first-person platformer that offers a trippy, experimental experience. Listed at a budget-friendly price of $2.99, this hour-long campaign contains an easy Platinum for players that do not invert their Y-axis camera control.

Honestly, Back Again is nearly unplayable for me as there is no option to invert the Y-axis. In fact, there are no options at all. I am not sure how you can release a game in 2022, indie-developed or not, without an option to invert the camera especially for a game that requires precision camera control and movement from a first-person perspective. 

For some reason, you need to jump on floating platforms to reach the next checkpoint. Fall off the stage and the game respawns you at the previous checkpoint while the narrator says “back again.”  The jumping is slightly floating yet weighted at the same time. For me, if the camera control wasn’t completely broken, platforming would feel pretty good and responsive. It reminds me of the platforming in the Metroid Prime games.

The whole experience is bizarre by design. Why is the narrator speaking to you? Why are there creepy mannequins everywhere? Why are there floating platforms just hanging in a black void? It sort of feels like you are running through an odd modern art museum or fever dream.  It isn’t bad, just really, really strange. Nothing makes sense. But this is what makes this game what it is. 

As soon as the platforming becomes difficult, the music increases in speed and drama – a nice touch. Eventually the player will encounter large jumps, low gravity jumps, and speedy ice-like surfaces. Even though the quest only takes an hour and the player’s only action is jump, it doesn’t get repetitive or overstay its welcome.

If Back Again had the option to invert the camera, and even lower the in-game volume levels, it would have been a decent little sleeper hit title that only costs a few bucks. Instead, it was horribly frustrating for me because each death wasn’t really fault – the camera couldn’t be controlled how I wanted as muscle memory took over. However, if you are not a camera inverterer, I would recommend playing Back Again on PS4 because that Platinum Trophy isn’t hard to obtain, and the abnormal platforming experience is something simple yet different.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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